Meet the team


Owner and photographer



Ellen is a natural charmer. She’s enthusiastic, energetic and has so much fun, even Nanna wants to be her friend. She loves diving into the action and swimming around in creative chaos.

No matter how many things are happening at once, Ellen will have them all covered. Focused on capturing raw emotions, honest connections and genuine interactions. She encourages couples to enjoy themselves rather than overthinking the experience. You can count on Ellen for subtle prompts, big laughs and quality banter.


Owner and photographer



Danielle loves finding gentle light, encouraging her couples to step into it and seeing what magic comes from that mix. Detail focused and connection-oriented, she uses subtle cues to prompt emotional reactions and record authentic interactions.

Danielle isn’t a poser or an intervener, she much prefers to give her couples a little guidance and let them act naturally. Through excellent time management, organisation and creative flair, Danielle delivers a professional experience with a personal touch.

Natural Lights Photography

was the brainchild of Danielle, after glossing through her parents’ wedding album. She noticed moments were missing and felt an urge to fill the gaps. She craved the in-between action and created Natural Lights Photography to capture it. Soon enough, Ellen strolled onto the scene in search of a creative outlet she could call work experience. A friendship was struck, talents were tangled, and Ellen became equal parts fun and fabric of the brand.

We’re personable and professional, we like to have fun and we care about making our couples feel comfortable.

A few things we care about: 

  • marriage equality for everyone
  • photographing everyone on the day (it’s not just about the bride) 
  • delivering the very best images without watermarks or logos 
  • being transparent with pricing with no up-sells after the day 
  • helping couples with planning and making their day unique
  • cultivating an environmentally friendly business 

Our Approach.


You can expect that we are a dedicated team focused entirely on you and your day without being too intrusive. 

In return, we need a commitment from you to be totally in the moment as we work with you. we need you to trust that we can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and know that you CAN be authentic and affectionate in front of us.  

All personality

Non- cheesy photos, candid moments over staged one’s. We use emotive prompts to direct and guide you and really show off your personality!

The Value of Connection


According to past couples, the level of connection felt with their photographer can vastly impact not only the final images but also the whole experience of the day.



gay couple newly married in newcastle getting photos taken at Anzac Walk