Meet the Team

Ellen Starrett

Owner and photographer

Danielle Minett

Owener & Photographer

Natural Lights Photography

 is a boutique photographic studio operating out of Newcastle and across the Sydney, Central Coast, and Hunter regions. For over 15 years Natural Lights Photography has shot over 1000 weddings and over 2000 portraits. With a gift for natural yet elegant images, we capture your day in a way no one else would. With your ideas and our expertise, we capture real moments, inspired by life, created with passion.

Bellow, you can meet the team at Natural Lights Photography, who strives to capture stunning images reflective of your memories and preserve them for a lifetime.

Our Approach.


You can expect that we are a dedicated team focused entirely on you and your day without being too intrusive. 

In return, we need a commitment from you to be totally in the moment as we work with you. we need you to trust that we can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and know that you CAN be authentic and affectionate in front of us.  

All personality

Non- cheesy photos, candid moments ones over staged one’s. We use emotive prompts to direct and guide you and really show off your personality!

The Value of Connection


According to past couples, the level of connection felt with their photographer can vastly impact not only the final images but also the whole experience of the day.



gay couple newly married in newcastle getting photos taken at Anzac Walk