Meet the Team

Natural Lights Photography is a boutique photographic studio operating out of Newcastle and across the Sydney, Central Coast, and Hunter regions. For over 15 years Natural Lights Photography has shot over 1000 weddings and over 2000 portraits. With a gift for natural yet elegant images, we capture your day in a way no one else would. With your ideas and our expertise, we capture real moments, inspired by life, created with passion.

Bellow, you can meet the team at Natural Lights Photography, who strives to capture stunning images reflective of your memories and preserve them for a lifetime.

Ellen Starrett

  • Best wedding memory: One of my all-time favourite memories (there have been so many) was from the first same-sex wedding I ever attended. Apart from the wedding being totally stunning, it’s the speeches that made it for me. The MC on the night was a friend of the family and she was just fantastic!! She had me laughing and crying all at the same time (I couldn’t see the back of the camera, as I was crying!). She knew the couple so well and had such a big personality that was so captivating. I will never forget how much emotion she brought to the evening! She wasn’t a professional MC at all but just someone with a lot of passion and love for her dear friends.
  • Crazies Wedding memory: I once photographed a wedding out at Circa 1876 (one of my favourite wedding venues in the Hunter) and right as the couple said “I do” the heavens opened up! Everyone got totally soaked as we ran for shelter! Everyone, including the bride and groom, was drenched. I spent the next 45 mins standing with a single hair dryer trying to dry the bride’s big poofy dress! It was a slow and interment process as the hairdryer wasn’t very effective! It didn’t affect the day at all, it was so much fun and we got some really emotive images of laughing guests and beautifully backlit shoots in the rain!
  • Favourite wedding food: Arancini Balls!! OMG! They are like staple finger food at any wedding and I look forward to them every time!
  • Dumbest injury: As a kid, I walked into a glass door… twice! I guess I never learn… or it was a really clean door! I had a bloody nose, lots of tears and a bruised ego!
  • Useless talent: I can touch my nose with my tongue (ask me next, I’ll show ya!), I’m quite proud of it!
  • Weekend hobby: I love being outdoors, hiking, working out, exploring and generally just being active! Working up a good sweat is the best excuse to sit down and eat fast food later!
  • Pepsi or Coke: Coke! Any day of the week!
  • Dream holiday location: I would love to be able to spend more time in England. My Mum is English so half of my family live there and I don’t get to see them very often. I miss them all the time… also I like rainy days.

Danielle Minett

  • Best wedding memory: We had decided upon Martin Place in Sydney for some of the location shots for Olena and Shaun’s wedding. It was a beautiful warm day, weather perfect. As we walked toward the fountain we saw it has been filled with bubbles. It was amazing! Totally unexpected and out of the ordinary but Shaun and Olena ran with it and we had so much fun shooting with amongst the overflowing bubbles! It was the most random things to have to happen but definitely one of my favourites!!!
  • Crazies Wedding memory: Spending time with Karen and Jonathan our in the Hunter wineries in the days before was great and I quickly saw how much of a joker Jonathan is. The wedding was perfect, beautiful and all running to plan. That was until we got to the rings. As the best man pulled them out we all heard them drop, and start to roll away (worse then it sounds as the ceremony as at the top of a waterfall) At first we all laughed thinking Jonathan was playing trickster but then I quickly realized the rings were fast on the way to the bottom of the pond. I managed to capture Jonathan gathering one while jumping forward to stop the other vanishing over the edge!
  • Favourite wedding food: Desert!!! It almost doesn’t matter what it is but desert at that time of the day is certainly my fav food! We don’t always get it, and when w, saver, saver it!!! After 12 hours I am always looking forward to the sweet and sugar before finishing up the night!!!
  • Dumbest injury: falling over backwards into a damn with my gear while getting the perfect shot at a wedding!!! Thankfully my gear wasn’t bruised but I certainly was!! lol
  • Useless talent: I know a bunch of useless trivia – like why flamingos are pink (it comes from their diet), there are 1.6 million ants per every human, and catnip effects lions and tigers as well as domestic cats.
  • Weekend hobby: When I’m not at weddings, I love hanging out with my daughter. We go to the beach, bush walk, create art, sleep in and cook together. Sometimes we just stay in our PJs and watch Netflix all day!
  • Pepsi or Coke: Neither, I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks
  • Dream holiday location: a farmstead with horses right on the beach. No internet, veggies in the yard and able to ride horses along the sand whenever I like (every year I stay at my best friends farm and although not near the ocean comes in a super close second!)