What are the standard family group photographs at a wedding?

Natural Lights Photography | Hunter Valley & Newcastle Wedding Photographers

Natural Lights Photography | Hunter Valley & Newcastle Wedding Photographers

Why formal family group photographs?

  • Family is so important, whether you realise this now or later on in life
  • People don’t stay in your life forever
  • It’s a way to show your respect towards your family
  • Your parents/grandparents will definitely want a formal photo with you
  • It may be the only printed memory some people have of themselves!
  • They ALWAYS end up in the wedding album
  • Some relatives may have travelled from abroad and might not often get a chance to have nice professional photography taken as a group.

What family group photographs are standard at weddings?

The following list is the standard group photo list I provide to my clients. Most couples are totally happy with that list, but some might include a couple of additional photographs.

For the sake of being inclusive: P1 + P2 = Partner 1 and Partner 2 

  • P1+P2 with Partner 1 parents
  • P1+P2 with Partner 1 and siblings
  • P1+P2 with Partner 1, siblings & Grandparents
  • P1+P2 with Partner 1 extended family (cousins etc)
  • P1+P2 with both sets of parents
  • P1+P2 with Partner 2 parents
  • P1+P2 with Partner 2 parents and siblings
  • P1+P2 with Partner 2 parents, siblings & Grandparents
  • P1+P2 with Partner 2 extended family (cousins etc)

When are the wedding group photos taken?

This is normally discussed with couples during our meetings but is flexible to do within the timeline.


How can I help my photographer with the formal photographs?

I can only speak for myself, but I like to be very organised for the weddings I photograph. I usually request a list of the names of each person in each group (I can’t always remember who everyone is or what family they belong to).  This will make it much easier for me to find the people on the day. I will also have prepared this as a printed list and ask the ushers to help me gather all people required for group photos before I ask the bride and groom to join us, giving you more time with your family and friends, enjoying the wedding reception.


What about a group photograph of everyone?

It’s great to have one big photograph of all your wedding guests together. However, there are a few things to bear in mind. Depending on the number of your wedding guests, you need to plan a bit of time to have everyone assembled in one location. Ushering 80-100 people into one location can easily take 15-20 minutes. People might disappear to the restroom, or they may have gone to their room to freshen up. The best time for a group photograph of everyone is straight after the ceremony. If you want a photo of everyone, you could ask your celebrant to announce after the ceremony that everyone make their way to the agreed location. All the guests know that the couple has kindly requested a photograph of everyone. 


How long will family photos take?

Depending on how many guests you have family photos usually take 20mins to 1hour to complete. 


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